April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday and you'll have to indulge me again because I took a video (okay three videos) of Ozzie wishing his Nanay "Happy Birthday" since she is out of the country on vacation. Not exciting to anyone not directly related to my son. The rest of you may want to skip this post.

It has been warm and sunny in Seattle this week so Ozzie and I have been playing in the backyard. He's still not too sure of the whole grass thing but he'll eventually get used to it. I don't think he likes all of the noise from the neighborhood kids. Our neighborhood is full of screaming kids- all day long! Family friendly neighborhoods have their pros and cons. He also seems a little weirded out by the humongous growling dog our neighbor has. Honestly I'm a little scared of that guy too.

You'll also have to excuse his hat, it really doesn't fit but I couldn't get him to keep his baseball cap on for longer than 2 seconds. For some reason the bucket hat didn't bother him as much. Boys?!

This one didn't turn out too well so I tried again. I don't really know why because I was never going to get a 9 month old to cooperate. Oh what did he choke on you ask, the cap to my water bottle. He's obsessed with my water bottle and yes I let him play with the cap right before he choked. Oh and yes he loves to growl, not sure where he picked that up but he won't stop.

Here's take two. I got him to "talk" a little here.

And here's take three. Yup he's still eating the bottle cap. At least he smiled in this one and kind of waved goodbye. He does that on his terms.

I'm not sure why it's so grainy, obviously user error. Have I mentioned before that I'm technologically illiterate. Thank goodness I married my husband!

Happy Birthday Mom, we miss you!


  1. Hello ! Ozzie your so handsome and cute baby!!

  2. Hi!! Debie your so very lucky to your son Ozzie, He is a smart baby boy like You before when you was a small girl, everyone of us here in Pinas were amazed.