August 4, 2009

From the Garden

We harvested our first tomatoes from the garden today! I was pretty excited and anxious to try them since tomatoes were one of the main reasons behind starting my vegetable garden. As I've mentioned before I was inspired by Animal Vegetable Miracle to grow my own herbs and vegetables this summer.

In her book, Barbara Kingsolver goes on and on about the taste of fresh from the garden tomatoes compared to super market tomatoes. She spent so much time talking about it I was convinced I had to grow my own to just to taste what she was talking about.

The consensus is she's right! Fresh from the garden tomatoes are very juicy and sweet. I sliced them up thin added a little sea salt and had myself a great afternoon snack. Ozzie didn't particularly love the tomatoes but he's 1, it'll probably take him a few more tries.

The tomatoes were on the small side, I'm thinking the recent heat wave in Seattle ripened some of them a little early. My parents came over for a visit so I sent them home with some lettuce, parsley and tomatoes as well. My lettuce and parsley are growing like crazy and I try to send anyone who visits home with some.

So far this summer we have harvested all of the spinach, cilantro and snap peas. We're still happily eating the lettuce, parsley, oregano, mint, lemon verbena and we are still waiting for the onions, leeks, sweet peppers, jalapenos, celery, artichokes and the rest of the tomatoes.

If you knew me at all, you'd be as surprised as I am that I'm growing vegetables let alone eating them since one of the two times I was grounded in my youth was because I didn't eat my broccoli. Growing up I hated veggies, what kid didn't? As an adult I don't crave vegetables per say but I know I need them. Plus now that Ozzie is eating table food I have to set a good example. Luckily all of the veggies I've harvested this summer have been yummy {patting myself on the back} so I haven't really had to choke any of it down for Ozzie's sake.

Below is a picture of today's harvest. I can not wait for more tomatoes to ripen. I am going to attempt homemade tomato sauce and freeze it for the winter. Yum!

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