August 20, 2009


I'm usually a day late and a dollar short on these things so if you have already heard of Goop by Gweneth Paltrow move along nothing left to read here. But if you haven't heard of it {don't feel bad I just found it literally 5 minutes ago} Goop is a website with articles and newsletters written by Gweneth. Her subjects span from travel to motherhood, fashion to cooking and everything else in between that most moms find interesting.

Normally I wouldn't be interested in a celebrity website. I gave up following celebrity gossip years ago and life has been much more peaceful since. In fact, I still remember the night at our local dive bar where my friends told me that Brad and Jen were breaking up. Admittedly I did buy the magazine where Jen spilled her beans but that's the last time I got sucked back in. Sadly I don't have to watch those crazy Hollywood shows to know what's happening, these days celebs make the national news shows.

But I digress. Like I said normally I wouldn't be interested but after looking through her site I am intrigued. Naturally her posts on food, books and child friendly restaurants had me hooked since I, as most moms do, love these topics. But I also really liked the simplicity of the her website. In the days of pop ups, unnecessary background music and blinking/scrolling text, it's nice to visit a clean and simple site.

Goop also offers newsletters via email if you don't have an extra 10 minutes in your day to check out the website. Let's face it, some days I don't have an extra 10 minutes to brush my teeth so I appreciate the email option. I may already be hooked.

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