August 18, 2009

Beautiful Boxes

I saw these lovely storage boxes in the September issue of Martha Stewart Living and thought they would make perfect storage boxes for Ozzie's photos and soon to come art work.

I love that the boxes are not your basic black. The aqua and red would add a nice bit of color to my drab home office. In fact, aqua and red are one of my favorite color combinations this year. Remember the bloody Father's Day card that I made Oscar? Obviously I was going for a this look when I paired the aqua and red versus the bloody hand print I ended up with. Hey, I've always said that I am an amateur crafter at best.

Martha offers labels to personalize the boxes on her website. Click here to download them for free! The boxes are available at

These boxes would make an excellent gift for me or you!

1 comment:

  1. I love those boxes! I'm always looking for new storage solutions.