August 6, 2009

Speaking of Eating...

Ozzie has decided he must always feed himself. Did I tell you he's a full blown toddler now?

I really don't mind Ozzie feeding himself since I know it's an important skill for him to learn. I mean I don't want to be spoon feeding him at 20 do I? My only concern is how dirty my kitchen floors and countertops and appliances or anything else within throwing reach are. Safe to say you can find dried strained squash on my kitchen floor at anytime. Squash and sweet potatoes are his favorite and they blend a little too well into my wood floors. Not to mention, you can't really mop wood floors so the stains may just be there forever. Oh the challenges of raising a toddler.

Instead of fight him the other day I decided to take a few pictures. As soon as the camera came out Ozzie started posing with his spoon. What a ham!

I just can't get mad at that sweet face! I can already tell that disciplining him is going to be tough.

P.S. I love his Popeye the Sailor Man pose.

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