August 14, 2009

And Speaking of Ozzie

Now that he is one he has graduated to a forward facing car seat. Can you tell I am a first time mother who celebrates every little milestone with a blog post?

I combined Ozzie's Christmas money from his great grandparents and his grandparents and bought him the highly recommended {and can I just add ridiculously expensive? thanks goodness for grandparents and great grandparents} Britax Marathon Convertible Car Seat. The good thing is that it holds children up to 65 lbs. so as long as Ozzie doesn't object I'm keeping him in it and getting my moneys worth!

We actually ordered it back in April and have been patiently awaiting his 1st birthday in order to make the car seat switcheroo. Ozzie could care less about the car seat but LOVED the box it came in. He could have played with that box all afternoon. Like I said I ordered the car seat a few months ago so these pictures are a little dated but he's having such a blast in the box I wanted to share them anyway.

Ozzie just loves to smile for the camera.

This is my favorite. The expression on his face looks like he should be shouting, "Ahoy there matey!"

The darn box was taller than him!

Check out those bangs! This was obviously pre-big boy haircut. I don't know why I spend any money on toys when all the kid wants to play with is the TV remote control, tupperware, boxes and the pots and pans.

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  1. stopping by from SITS.
    very cute......and very true all kids love the things that are just laying around not the stuff we spend so much money on!!!!! haha!!!!
    have a great weekend!!!!!