August 17, 2009

Let the Sun Shine

The sun is making it's way back to Seattle this week. Unfortunately for us Seattelites, the sun likes to disappear for a few days {or weeks} during the summer but most of the time it comes back. That is until mid to late September when it goes away for good until next year.

Most of us appreciate the short break from the sun and welcome the rain for our lawns and gardens. We are, after all, the evergreen state. Though after a few weeks, we get antsy and want the sun back. Luckily this year summer is not over yet! The local forecast says this week will even hit the high 80's.

I think Oscar and Ozzie are ready! Here are some pictures of Ozzie and Oscar playing with their sunglasses on two different mornings. I think they both crack themselves up. Like father like son...

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  1. How adorable! If you'll send me an email, I'll reply with the template for that stencil.