August 14, 2009

Speaking of Martha

She also offered two great after school snacks with apples that I immediately added to the recipe binder. On a side note, why is everyone already in back to school mode? It's only August 14th people, our summers are short enough in Seattle. Can't we just enjoy the rest of August?

Now back to the snacks. The first is an english muffin topped with apple slices and cheddar cheese. Yum! Click here for the directions from Martha. You could also use tomatoes and any variation of your favorite cheese.

The second was an apple filled with chicken salad. I actually could not find this on her website after watching the video On Demand. It's really simple though. She cut the top off an apple and scooped out the middle with a melon baller then filled it with premade chicken salad. Sounds delicious.

Lately I have had a craving for a crisp and tart apple. Luckily Washington apple season is just around the corner. Come January I will be sick of apples and dreaming of fresh berries so I must make these treats now while apples are on my mind. Enjoy!

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