August 13, 2009

A New Take on PB&J

Earlier today I was interrogating a good friend of mine on her milk/sippy cup and feeding routines for her twins. Now that Ozzie is one we have weaned him from nursing, except bedtime, which I'm postponing for fear of how it will go over. I really didn't want to think of my own milk/sippy cup routine. I just wanted to copy another Mom who I trust. Post gull bladder surgery it's easier not to have to think stuff out sometimes.

After she gave me the skinny on her nourishment rituals she mentioned that her girls love peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. This reminded me of a MS on Demand video that I recently watched. Yes I watch MS on Demand. It's a feature on Comcast Cable and I love it. Always have and always will love Martha.

Back to the sandwiches, Martha prepared four new twists on an old favorite that sounded good enough for me to eat let alone a little one. So I thought I'd share them with you and my friend Tams.

In order of my favorite:

1. Peanut butter with strawberry jam, granola and a banana. Top peanut butter side with granola and layer banana slices on jam. I bet when the two collide it's pure genius!

2. Peanut butter with marshmallow fluff and blueberries. Who doesn't love marshmallow fluff? Also a great sandwich right now with blueberries in season.

3. Peanut butter with apple slices and raisins drizzled with maple syrup. Make sure to use a madoline slicer to achieve very thin apple slices. Can't wait to try this in the Fall with a fresh Washington apple.

4. Peanut butter with thawed frozen cherries and drizzled with honey. Martha suggests frozen cherries here because no one wants to spend their time pitting cherries. My only concern is the texture of the frozen cherries after they have thawed. You know how little ones are about food texture.

I also found these sandwiches here on Martha's website.

Sadly Ozzie's pediatrician said no peanut butter until he is two so Mommy will just have to sample these delicious sandwiches for him until then. I am adding "purchase a madoline slicer" to the to do list now. I never thought about it before but a madoline slicer will probably make a lot of foods just the right thickness while Ozzie is still teething.

Tamara, I'm hoping these sandwiches taste as good as they looked. Thanks again for your advice!