March 14, 2009

Mmmm Cake...

Whiling surfing the blogosphere this morning I came across this awesome post from Smitten Kitchen filled with amazing layer cake tips and two chocolate cake recipes that sound deeelicious! Chocolate cake is my favorite (really chocolate anything is my favorite) and who doesn't love a yummy layer cake filled with raspberry fillings?

April is a busy month of birthdays in my family (Husband, Mom and me) plus this year Easter is the day after my birthday sooo I have plenty of occasions to bake these lovely cakes. And now I have the master secrets to impress my family with my fabulously layered and frosted cakes! I can hear the ohhhs and awwws now.

Smitten Kitchen is truly an inspiration, this is just one of many recipes I have stolen from her. I heart her and her recipes! It's no wonder she's part of Martha's Circle.

After reading her tips I must run out and get the following baking tools (hopefully the hubby is reading this)!

Evenbake Cake Strips

12 inch serrated knife for perfect leveling

Cake Boards

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