March 24, 2009

Ozzie's 1st Play Date

Ozzie and I had our first play date today with my friend Trinette and her daughter Vivika. I really wasn't sure how Ozzie was going to react to an official play date because he is home alone with me all day and doesn't really interact with other babies. He did spend the holidays with his cousins but he was only 5 months old and not really interested in anyone but me and his grandma.

Now at almost 8 months old, I've noticed him giggling at other babies when we are out running errands. In fact last weekend at Costco, he almost jumped out of my arms when he spotted another baby walking behind us. So I had my fingers crossed that he would have fun actually playing with another baby. But as any mother knows, you can't predict what is going to happen. Especially with an 8 month old and a 1 year old.

Great news is he had a blast! No crying or shyness in the beginning. He jumped right in and played with Vivi. Or at least he played with her toys! He even dug the two cats. I found this interesting since he's never seen an animal up close.

At first, Ozzie was so excited he kinda pulled at everything; Vivi, her toys, her hair, the cats but after he calmed down and got more comfortable he kept his hands to himself (thank GAWD!) No one wants the rambunctious monster child. I had to remind myself that this was his 1st play date as I was mentally freaking out at him pulling Vivi's hair!

Hair pulling aside, I think Vivika enjoyed Ozzie's company too. She was such the gracious hostess happily sharing her toys and her high chair at lunchtime. She even let Mommy read Ozzie her favorite book while he sat on her lap. Sweet baby girl!!!

Of course I had fun too. Sometimes being a stay at home mommy can be lonely so it's nice to hang out and socialize with other mommies. Plus I miss my girl friends. Gone are the days of long dinners over several glasses of wine and great conversations.

Ozzie was in such great spirits from his play date he was still in a good mood when we got home. No whining or usual late afternoon grumpiness. I took a mental note to to do this more often!

Here are some fun pictures Trinette took

Following Vivi to her favorite hiding spot behind the chair.

You're right Viv, this is fun!

So excited!

Posing for the camera

Not sure what they are looking at but it must have been super cool.

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