March 9, 2009

Fifty and Fabulous!

Barbie turned 50 today! Can you believe it? Oh how I loved Barbie as a girl. I had it all...

The Barbie Dream House

The Barbie Pony

The Barbie Pink Convertible (although mine didn't have a remote control).

The Brunette Barbie (since I'm not a blonde).

Ken and Skipper (my Ken was a blonde too).

The Barbie Motor home (this was my personal favorite).

The Barbie Pool and Blow Up Furniture (another favorite).

And of course, Barbie herself!

Happy 50th Birthday Barbie! You brought me many years of entertainment, even the years when I was over you and cut all of your hair off or let my little brother pop your head off and beat you with his GI Joe's.

If I ever have a little girl, I hope you are around to bring her the same joy you brought me!

*some photos courtesy of Mattel

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