March 14, 2009

Boy Do I Need This!

As I have mentioned before, I don't like housework. A day full of cleaning, scrubbing, laundry and otherwise generally cleanliness makes me want to run for the hills. Not that I am a dirty person, on the contrary my house is kept up since I have a general phobia of a bad smelling home (or office, or car for that matter) but I don't like one minute of it.

Now that my days are filled with entertaining my 7 month old son, any spare time I get to myself is much better spent on my blog, reading a book, drinking a cup of coffee with vanilla creamer, flipping through a home magazine, crafting, anything other than cleaning.

But even us nonbelievers can be swayed when cleaning is made simple with shortcuts, lists and charts (have I ever mentioned how much I love lists and charts?) as Mrs. Meyers has done in Mrs. Meyers Clean Home Book. Apparently the book is "filled with no nonsense advice that will inspire me to clean like the dickens."

Hmmm, I'm intrigued. Anything that claims to get me happily cleaning is something I must look into. My husband would be thrilled. He keeps reminding me that I promised to be a good homemaker and have dinner awaiting his arrival from work when we decided that I would be a stay at home mom. I have conveniently forgotten that conversation.

Speaking of stay at home moms, Mrs. Meyers raised 9 children and kept her home tidy for 50 years, so she is quite the expert on cleaning. I haven't mentioned this last tid bit to my husband. Although it may persuade him to buy me the book.

I can hear the conversation now, "Honey I need to spend $20 bucks on a book that is going to teach me how to clean." (side bar- we agreed to no longer spend money frivolously since we are now a one income family and the economy is on the fritz)

His answer, "No."

My response, "But Mrs. Meyers was the quintessential homemaker, raised 9 kids with a spotless home. And the products she sells are both earth friendly and cruelty free with bewitching scents of lavender and lemon verbena."

His answer, "No."

My response, "Okay fine." Both of us knowing I'm going to log in to her website tomorrow and purchase the book anyway.

You gotta love the communication between a husband and wife. At least I told him I was going to buy the book and am not sneaking it in while he's not looking (something many of other wives practice quite frequently).

Maybe I'll just add it to my wishlist and remind him that it's cheaper than a maid!

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  1. Debbie, I'm sure you'll find plenty of tips in that book that will save you more than $20 on cleaning supplies, etc! Oh, and you can't tell me you've never snuck a bag in the house! Shawn says he curses the day reusable bags became the norm. Now, he has no idea how many undocumented Target trips I make! HA!