March 20, 2009

Crafters Dream

About six years ago (it could be longer) I gave up celebrity gossip. I don't remember the exact date but I remember Jen and Brad were still happily married (or so we thought). It's funny because my girl friends had to inform me of their breakup during one of our girls nights at our favorite dive bar in Bellevue. Sad things is today I don't even need to watch celebrity gossip television to hear about Angelina and Brad, their headlines make national news.

But I digress, I gave up celebrity gossip which meant no more celebrity television news and no more magazines. Since I was giving up the gossip magazines I figured I'd save a few more trees and cancel all of my magazine subscriptions. This included Martha Stewart (my absolute fav), Southern Living, Cooking Light, Self and more goodies I enjoyed. I was attempting to make life a little more simple.

It worked, not following celebrity gossip made me feel calmer. I did miss my other magazines but not enough to do anything about it besides I could read everything off the internet. In fact, the only magazines I've read, other than the occasional read when at the doctor's office, are parenting magazines; and that is only after I became pregnant last year.

So I've been magazine free for years (again except useful parenting magazines) until this week. I broke down and bought the April issue of Martha Stewart Living. Maybe it was the pretty pink cover with the enticing Easter decoration tips and crafts. Maybe it was because I had just finished my book and didn't have another one waiting on my bedside table. Maybe it was because I was itching for something sweet and decided to treat myself in a different way. I really don't know why I gave in but I did.

Boy did I feel guilty, I couldn't wait to open the glossy pages and soak in all that Martha had to offer. Easter is one of my favorite holidays so I knew her Easter special was going to fulfill that empty place in my heart that I just realized existed.

So you ask, was it worth all the guilt? YES!!! Why? If I hadn't bought that issue, I would have never run across a crafters dream, otherwise knows as Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts! Okay so I probably would have eventually found out about it, especially since I get updates via email from

Anyway, this mother of all craft books contains 200 projects from the last 15 years with more than 700 instructional photos. Can you imagine the possibilities this book has to offer? Truly heaven on earth, really. At least it is for an amateur crafter like me.

Oh Martha you make me weak in the knees.

p.s I really hope the hubby is reading this one because it's not only added to the wish list this is top priority folks! Top priority indeed!

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