March 28, 2009

Ozzie's Meetings

As a stay at home mom my husband and I joke around that my current employer is Ozzie and that my job is to keep him happy all day. My old job was in HR so my entire day was filled with endless meetings with employees. Meeting after meeting after meeting. I used to complain to my husband about the whiney employees on bad days. Since leaving my job I have never missed those meetings, until this week.

As I have mentioned before Ozzie learned how to crawl earlier this month. It's such a huge achievement for him and I am super proud of him, really I am. When he first learned how to crawl, Ozzie happily scooted himself around in his play area otherwise known as the family room. Now three weeks into crawling he's just not satisfied with the play area anymore. Go figure?

So for two days this week, I decided to follow Ozzie around the house with my phone snapping pictures of him every time we unexpectedly met in a random part of the house. I thought it would be funny to show Daddy all of the "meetings" Ozzie and I have through out the day as I try to keep up the house, cook meals, entertain Ozzie and maybe get a bite to eat.

Here are some horrible pictures (as I mentioned I used my phone instead of my digital camera- note to self never to do that again) of my unexpected meetings with my son.

Also, you may notice that he is still in his pajamas in these pictures. I will admit there are many days when neither Ozzie or I make it out of our pj's. Hope you understand and excuse this lazy mommy!

Day One
8:00am- meeting in the hallway. It all started out with the laundry. I brought the laundry sorter out and decided to throw in a load. Ozzie crawled on over and decided to lend me a hand.

8:05am- meeting in the bathroom. Ozzie soon got bored of the laundry and scooted himself over to one of the bathrooms to play with his bathtub.
Have I mentioned he can pull himself up on things now? For fear of him cracking his head on the hardwood floors, I scooped him up and took him back to the playroom.

10:00am- meeting in the closet. As I was putting away a load of the laundry I started, Ozzie decided to help me in rearrange Daddy's shoes in the closet.

10:10am- meeting in yet another bathroom. After reorganizing Daddy's shoes, Ozzie decided to check out the other bathroom making sure the curtain was secure.

Day Two
10:00am- meeting in the office. Mommy got a telephone call and rushed into the office to answer it. Curious, Ozzie soon followed to see who was on the phone. The usb cord for the camera distracted him.

10:05am- Ozzie got tired of eating the usb cord and quickly made his way to the paper shredder. Thanks for throwing the "to be shred" pile on the floor!

After I hung up the phone and saw the pile of paper on the floor all of the humor left me and I was over the meeting game.

Do you think I'll win a mommy of the year award for letting my son eat a usb cord and play with a paper shredder?

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  1. The first rule of thumb before rescuing your child from doing something dangerous is: grab your camera! I've snapped many pics of Ian teetering on disaster! He's getting so big! You know he'll be cruising in no time.