March 20, 2009

Speaking of Books...

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently took Ozzie to the library for Wee Ones Story Time and we both enjoyed it. In keeping with the book theme, I thought I'd share his favorite books.

When I was still pregnant I wanted to start Ozzie off with a small collection of his own books hoping that he would love reading as much as I do. I read somewhere that the following books were always a hit with babies so I ran right out and bought all of them.

I have to say, the list was spot on! Ozzie loves these books and never gets tired of Mommy and Daddy reading them to him. Yes we do have most of them memorized by now. The other advice the list offered (I really wish I remembered where I read the list) was to buy the board version of the books because they will be eaten. Great advice, this definitely happened.

Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown. His number one favorite book of all time. I guess there is a reason the book has been a best seller with children for 60 years. I think he loves the transition between the black and white images and color images, as well as the rhymes as the bunny says good night to everything in his room. Because this is his favorite book, it's already beaten up pretty bad. I'm hoping to get him a big boy copy once books stop going into his mouth.

His second favorite book is Good Morning, Good Night because of the touch and feel animals on each page. Every time I read this book to him I tell him to touch the animals' soft fur, now he does it on his own. Great sensory book and cute short rhymes make this one a Mommy favorite too.

Every child has to own a few Dr. Seuss books. Mr. Brown Can Moo Can You? Is a great start to Dr. Seuss because of the fun story where Mommy and Daddy can make funny noises. Ozzie loves the rain, "dibble dibble dibble dop" and the "soft whisper whisper" of the butterfly.

Go Dog Go another Early Learning Dr. Seuss book filled with quick rhymes and bright colorful illustrations. Ozzie's favorite is the page "go on boat", I think he likes the bright blue water.

And last but not least, Guess How Much I Love You. Honestly right now Mommy likes this book a little more than Ozzie. I think the story is a little long for his age but I'm hoping if I keep reading it to him, he'll grow to love it and he'll know that I will always "love him to the moon and back!"

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