March 8, 2009

Sock Monkeys

If you knew me, you'd know how much I love monkeys and love collecting monkey stuff. Lately, I've been in love with the sock monkey. Since they are typically handmade each one can be so unique and cute in it's own way. I was thrilled when one of my friend's mom, Joanne, made me the adorable sock monkey quilt above as a gift for my baby shower. I just love that quilt so much and am so excited to pass it on to Ozzie for his children.

Recently I found out about Operation Sock Monkey. Operation Sock Monkey is an initiative in support of Clowns Without Borders South Africa providing laughter, hope and healing to communities affected by HIV/AIDS. Handmade Sock Monkeys can be purchased for you or someone you love or sponsored to be sent to children in need of a smile. All proceeds donated to CWBSA. What a great cause!

Operation Sock Monkey also hosts a Sock Monkey Workshop where for $30 they provide all the materials, teach you how to make your own sock monkey and the proceeds go to OSM. Fantastic!

Here's the bummer, it's in Toronto. Why oh why can't it be here in Seattle? I would participate every year. I guess I'll have to learn how to make my little guy a sock monkey all on my own. Which, by the way, is on my 2009 list of crafts to make. My New Year's resolution this year is not what I won't do but instead what I will do. Sock Monkeys are a high priority on my list!

Here are a few pictures of my little monkey playing on his (and my) favorite blanket.

I'm so cute!

Inspecting the monkeys up close

He just loves to lay on his side

Posing for the camera

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