March 30, 2009

Terra Cotta Easter Baskets

Just saw this awesome idea over at Hostess with the Mostess! Wish I had a little girl to make these for. So cute, cute, cute!!!

I love the butterfly on this basket!

There are so many wonderful Easter crafts, no wonder it's one of my favorite holidays!

Here are the directions as posted on her site:

TERRA COTTA EASTER BASKETS (please note: for decorative purposes only)

For Each Basket, You’ll Need:Small Terra Cotta Pot around 5-6″ or smaller Double-sided *scrapbook paper in 2 coordinating patterns & colors Easter grass filler Glue and glue dots or tape Small artificial flowers and butterflies (optional)


• Cut a strip from the scrapbook paper that is the same width and length as the rim of the pot and attach it to the rim with glue. (Depending on the diameter of your pot, 2 strips of paper might be necessary to cover the entire rim.)
• Cut another long strip of paper (also the same width as the rim) from your other paper pattern. Bend the paper to create a “handle” and use glue dots or tape to attach both ends of the strip to the inside of the pot.
• Add the grass to the pot.
• Embellish the “basket” with artificial flowers and butterflies. (optional)
• Fill with egg-shaped candies or other Easter treats!

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